a-ha'-va  (pronounced 'ah-hah-vah')

There is a secret hidden within this Hebrew word ::: it is the gift of life, given to us through

Love ... The word is not just a feeling, it connects directly with the action of longing or breathing for another. The root word is ‘ahav’, meaning ‘to give’. It is more concerned with giving rather than receiving.


As "Ahava" is spoken, it is broken down into three syllables, the first, spoken with an exhalation, the second with inhalation & the final with a distinct meaning in the original language, “Love came”. Ahava is the gift of  L O V E. It is a sacrifice to connect & sustain. It is that process that intimately connects a mother to a child, because first - she gave.



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"My husband and I live in a beautiful part of Australia, but both our respective families live interstate from us. We had a great community of friends around us, but needed something a bit more specialised when it came to the baby-specific questions as we had never had a baby before! 


Leah (Ahava Birth) provided such a safe place for us to ask questions and gave us the confidence to know and decide how we wanted to have our baby.  Having her as our Doula was the friendly and familiar face that we needed. 


She came to our home and explained in detail all our options, from birthing positions to medication options, and allowed us to decide what we were comfortable with. 


One of the things I really love about Leah (Ahava Birth) was how intentional she was on including and involving my husband so that he felt empowered to be a strong support, and had space to ask questions so that he could also understand. She explained things clearly to him and gave him great advice on how to prepare himself for the journey ahead.


She helped us write our birth plan which really made the journey ahead less scary. Yes, there will always be unknowns, but at least we were informed on what our options were beforehand and not having to make rash decisions in the moment. In the end, I believe this made a huge difference!


We had a very normal (one midwife affectionately called it “boring”) pregnancy journey with no high risks or indicators of complications.


Leah had already been providing support in the months leading in, answering any pregnancy questions I had (“my legs are swelling what do I do”, “my back is hurting, is my baby okay” etc.)


On the day my contractions started, Leah came to my house and brought water, snacks, heat pack and helped support us during those early-stage contractions. Once my water broke, we went to the hospital. Leah never left our side. She ensured our birthing midwife had our Birth Plan, and she coached my husband on how to support me during each stage. If he needed to take a break she would step in and help.


However, immediately after our daughter was born I experienced complications and had to get rushed into surgery.  Despite my tiredness from the hours of labour, we had a plan! We knew what was coming and that took unnecessary extra stress out of that moment for us.


Leah stayed until I was out of surgery to ensure I was okay and helped my husband who had our baby for her first 24hrs.


She came in to visit regularly over the first two weeks to check in on us. And also made a few more visits in the following weeks at our request, because we love her!


We love Ahava Birth and are forever grateful for the support that Leah gave to our family. Couldn't have picked anyone better!"

- Vasiti Lalagavesi, Australia.

    (Mama to Rosie)