Birth Photography




One afternoon Leah was out visiting a friend & her three little girls at their stunning home on a rural property north of Toowoomba when she saw the perfect opportunity in the afternoon sunlight to take some sneaky snaps of their family.


Her friend was leaning out her back door, talking to her husband, with the beautiful backdrop of the Toowoomba range mountains while her three daughters stood beside her, clinging onto her for some attention. Just a seemingly everyday moment of motherhood. However, when her friend later saw the photos she took, she thanked her for the beautiful images & asked how she had managed to take them while she was completely unaware. Thus, Leah discovered that maybe she had a gift that could be put to good use in the labour room or similar birth environment.

It was from this moment that she decided that this skill was something she would commit to working on. She understood that this skill was something a birth photographer would need to have, whilst aiming to be like “a shadow on the wall” to capture the intimate process that is labour and birth. So she decided to take the initiative and combine two of her passions in one & make a business that offered both services as options to families who may be wanting support and also those who might just prefer to have someone beautifully capture moments on their big day. She feels completely honoured to have the privilege of documenting moments in homes and birth suites alike so that families are able to have precious memories that stand still in time.

Because above all, celebrating life is something we should take the time to do, especially those very first moments.

“We know that photography is the treasure chest that holds a precious collection of memories you keep close to your heart. We are not too shy to step into the more intimate settings to capture some of what will be your most treasured moments . Whether these moments are held sacred to your own family or you believe they should be shared with the world, you will love having them as a collection that make up this important milestone of your own journey as a new family. They will be a treasured part your family's story that is only just beginning to unfold.“


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